[International Edition] Xiaomi YI Smart Car DVR 165 Degree 2.7" Dash Camera 1080P 60fps ADAS Safe Reminder WIFI Dashcam

[International Edition] Xiaomi YI Smart Car DVR 165 Degree 2.7 Dash Camera 1080P 60fps ADAS Safe Reminder WIFI Dashcam


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[International Edition] Original Xiaomi YI Smart Car DVR 165 Degree 2.7" Dash Camera 1080P 60fps ADAS Safe Reminder WIFI Dashcam


  • 165 degrees super wide angle, 2 times wider view than human eyes, show you 3 lanes easily
  • ADAS safe reminder function, voice system to warning, high/medium/low three gears inductive modes
  • 1080P 60fps optical components, 3*3um pixel, 6P precise full glass lenses
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz wireless module to ensure you can check and replay real-time
  • 1296P video resolution, picture pixel can be up to 3.0MP, video and photo is wonderful
  • Inflaming retarding PC/ABS high performance materials, buckle design to reduce vibration
  • Symmetrical heat emission hole design on upper and bottom
  • Support micro SD card maximum storage 64G
  • Package Contents:
  • 1 x YI Smart Car DVR 1 x Normal Car Charger 1 x Original 3M Sticker Bracket 1 x Gift Bracket with sucker 1 x Charging Cable 1 x English User Manual​
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YI Smart Car DVR

ADAS Intelligent Driving Assistance

YI Smart Dash Camera

1296P UHD Ultra-HD Resolution

44% improved than 1080P, better than human eyes

Ultra Smooth & Clear Pictures 1080P 60FPS

Low-power H.264 Video Compression Technology

Perfectly Restore All Critical High-speed Dynamic Fleeting Moments. Provide Accident Data of the First Scene.

165 Degree Super Wide Angle

2 times wider view than human eyes, show you 3 lanes easily.

ADAS Safe Reminder

ADAS safe reminder function, voice system to warning, high/medium/low three gears inductive modes.

1080P 60fps Optical Components / 3*3μm pixel, 6G precise full glass lens

Built-in WiFi

High hardware configurations clear & smooth pictures

3-Axis gravity sensor & high-quality image sensor Ultra thin & light appearance, make it fashionable and cute Support Micro SD Card, Maximum to 64GB

Super-star level sensitive image sensor, 2 times upgrade the effects.

Clear & bright pictures can also be acheived when it\'s night with poor light.

Pixel size: 3.0 x 3.0 μm, 225% improved than 2.0

Light sensitive ability: 4000mV/lux.sec, 200% improved than normal 1800-2000mV/lux.sec.

Product Size

Length x Width x Height: 74mm x 19.4mm x 52.4mm Weight: 74g


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Brand YI
Model YI Smart Dash Camera / YI Smart Car DVR
Edition International Edition
Quantity 1 Piece
Color Gray / Gold
Material SABIC Flame Retardant PC/ABS (For Safe Use)
The image processor YI A12 Dual Core + DSP Chipset, Enhanced Dynamic State, 3D Noise Reduction
Display 2.7 Inch TFT LCD Screen, 16:9, 960 x 240 Resolution
Lens F1.8 Aperture, 165° Wide Angle Lens
G-Sensor Built-in High Precision 3-Axis Sensor
Image Sensor 3.0 x 3.0 μm, 4000mV/lux-s (Super-star Level Ultra Image Sensor)
Highest video resolved 2304x1296
Supporting Resolution 1920x1080P 60fps, 1920x1080P 30fps, 2304 x 1296P 30fps
Wide Dynamic Enhanced e-HDR Dynamic State
Video Code H.264
Video Format MP4
Video Clip Size 1080P30 Mode: About 200 - 320MB; 1080P60/1296P30 Mode: About 350-435MB
Audio Built-in High Quality Microphone & Speaker
Wi-Fi standard Standard 802.11n, Support Wireless Safe Standard
Wireless Encryption Protocol WEP/WPA/WPA2 Encryption
Expanded Storage microSD, up to 64GB(MAX)
Supporting OS Android & iOS
Fixed Mode Glass Sucker Style (Easy to Remove, NO Harm to Windshield & Heat Insulation Paper)
Power Supplied Mode Cigarette Lighter: 12-24V (Accessories Included in Retail Box)
Power Output 5V 1A (Micro USB)
Power 3.0W(MAX)
Power Consumption ≤4.0W
Battery 240mAh Li-Polymer (Heat Resistant Type)
Record Time 1080P30 Mode 64GB micro SD card: About 8 hours 35 minutes
32GB micro SD card: About 4 hours 17 minutes
16GB micro SD card: About 2 hours 8 minutes
8GB micro SD card: About 1 hour 4 minutes
Record Time 1080P60/1296P30 Mode 64GB micro SD card: About 6 hours 25 minutes
32GB micro SD card: About 3 hours 12 minutes
16GB micro SD card: About 1 hour 36 minutes
8GB micro SD card: About 48 minutes
Dimensions & Weight (Main Product)
Dimension 74mm x 19.4mm x 52.4mm
Weight 74g
Package Contents
1 x YI Smart Car DVR
1 x Normal Car Charger
1 x 3M Sticker Bracket
1 x English User Manual
1 x Charging Cable
F & Q
Is there a QR code for YI Smart Dash Camera?
See above or You can find and download our YI Smart Dash Camera app on Apple\'s App Store (iOS) and Google\'s Play Store (Android) separately.
How can the ADAS tell if the car is departing from its lane?
YI Smart Dashcam makes the decision based on the standard lane marks on the road. While testing or using the ADAS, it is better to connect the camera to the APP, switch on the GPS of your phone and drive at the speed of 50 km/h or above. The best performance will be achieved with the help of the speed and GPS information (this function in similar products will normally turn on only when the speed is at 50-60 km/h). It is normal that this function will be affected when the road marks are worn out, unclear or missing, or when the driver switches lanes too quickly.
What is the Lane Departure Warning and the Forward Collision Warning?
These two functions are parts of the ADAS in YI Smart Dash cam:
The Lane Departure Warning can tell if the vehicle is about to move out of the lane based on its powerful digital image processing and recognition ability. Once the lane departure is sensed, a voice alarm will be played to warn the driver of driving safety. Forward Collision Warning keeps monitoring the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you based on the advanced DSP algorithm and it will alarm you once your vehicle is too close to the car in front of you.
How do I export video and image files to computer?
Option 1: Save the video clip or image needed to your smart phone using the YI app, and then export the files from your smart phone to the computer.
Option 2: All the files are stored in the microSD card in the camera. Extract the microSD card from the camera and insert it into your computer to export the files.
Option 3: Detach the camera from the holder and connect it to the computer using a micro-USB data cable (the charging cable provided with the camera is not a USB data cable so it cannot be used for data transportation).
In my region the temperature will easily drop under -10 degrees Celsius, so YI Smart Dashcam will not function?
Under normal circumstances, the temperature in the car will be above -10 degrees Celsius even in cold climates. Besides, the lowest working temperature of other similar products is only around 0 degrees Celsius.
Video Recording
Which video mode should I use?
It is advised to use the 30fps mode for video under ADAS/still/night/day/rainy/foggy conditions. The 60fps mode performs better under nice weather conditions and when you are driving fast, however, it is less effective when used in dark environment.
What’s the storage allocation of normal records and emergency records? If emergency video files have to be deleted manually, can the camera continue recording when the card is full?
The storage allocation of normal and emergency records is 7:3. Yes, when the allocated space is full, the camera will delete the earliest video files regardless of being in the normal or emergency folder.
Does YI Smart Dashcam support loop-recording?
YI Smart Dashcam can record circularly automatically. When your memory card is full, the device will automatically delete the earliest video files to make room for new files.
Is the video recording divided into 3-minute clips? Why are there are video clips less than 3 minutes (images missing between different clips)?
The problem is caused by manual settings on YI Smart Dashcam when the camera is in use. For example, pausing the video, watching the video replay or changing settings on the camera without the app connection would pause the recording process, producing clips less than 3 minutes. Additionally, when the camera is connected to the app, viewing the album or setting the camera in the APP would also cause the problem. Also, the reading/writing speed of your MicroSD card influence the quality of the recording. It is advised that you format the MicroSD card or replace it with a new Class 10 80MB/s read speed MicroSD card to see if this problem is solved.
Is it possible to record emergency video clips one immediately after another?
No. The camera needs time to save the current emergency clip to protect it from accidental deletion and to store it in the album. A new recording of emergency video can start in seconds after the saving process is done.
Why do my video clips look not so satisfactory?
The size and resolution of the camera display screen will influence your watching experience. So it is suggested that you watch the video clips in the app or on the computer. The location of the camera, the cleanliness of lens and car window, and the light transmittance of the car window all have influences on the quality of the video. So it is advised that you clean the lens and the windscreen glass. before recording, and install the device properly according to the installation instructions. Distance between vehicles, your driving speed, and different fps modes will all influence the video quality. Generally speaking, recordings will be more clear at a closer distance, a lower speed and under a higher fps mode. Also, the video quality will be influenced by the light conditions, especially when the environment is dim or dark.
What is the highest resolution video recording possible by YI Smart Dashcam?
The highest resolution of the video recorded can be 2304*1296.
Can YI Smart Dashcam keep recording after car turn off? What is the temperature range of the camera?
After parking or flame-out, the camera will keep recording for about 10 seconds. It will then shut down to reduce the wear-out of the built-in battery. The temperature range of the camera is between -10 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.
SD Card
What should I do when YI Smart Dashcam displays “please format the MicroSD card”?
The MicroSD card must be formatted when inserted first time in the YI Smart Dashcam. The formatting process will make sure that the card’s file system format is optimized for the camera.
Why does the camera power off when the MicroSD card is inserted/extracted?
YI Smart Dashcam does not support Hot Swap, please insert/extract the MicroSD card when the camera is powered-off.
What kind of MicroSD card does YI Smart Dashcam support? What’s the maximum capacity of the card?
For 1080P 60fps video recording, we advise you to use Class10 (80MB/s reading) high speed MicroSD card from reliable manufacturers. The maximum capacity of the card supported is 64GB, which offers you a wide range of
Can YI Smart Dashcam use a portable USB battery pack as its power source?
Yes, it can use a portable USB battery pack as its power source.
Why does the plastic case of the camera become hot when it is in use?
While the camera is working, the electronic parts inside the camera will generate some heat and some may find the case hot. The applicable temperature of the camera is from -10 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees centigrade. YI

1 x YI Smart Car DVR

1 x Normal Car Charger

1 x Original 3M Sticker Bracket

1 x Gift Bracket with sucker

1 x Charging Cable

1 x English User Man​

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